" Empowering your vertical communication."
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How will we effectively train and develop prayer capability in the body of Christ while engaging stakeholders outside of the “walls” of the church?

Travailing Power Ministries will inspire, equip, and train individuals in the art of effective vertical communication.

Serve as a premier thought leader, strategically training, equipping and empowering individuals in the art of effective prayer.  TPM will serve as a conglomerate network, restoring and renewing the focus and significance of divine communication to diverse sectors of the world, unleashing unlimited resources to generations.


TPM Initiatives

  • Develop strategies that creatively engage people of all ages and nationalities in the art of effective prayer.
  • Equip and train future generations of intercessory prayer leaders.
  • Advocate the power of prayer in every sector of life and infiltrate the systems of the world.
  • Annihilate the satanic force in the earth realm through the power of prayer.
  • Release blessings and new dimensions in Christ through a dedication to effective prayer and holy living.

Why must there be “Travailing Power” in the earth?

  • There is a need for prayer to be restored back into every sector of the world to release Gods blessing and order to a dying world.
  • Prayer is missing in many sectors of our society including our educational and governmental systems which are the foundations of our society.
  • There is a great void of prayer within the earth and a need to increase prayer capability within the body of Christ as well as corporate environments.
  • Many believers have shallow prayer lives and are uninformed on how to pray, why we pray, and have a misunderstanding for the need of effective prayer
  • Many churches have lost the fervency and significance of prayer.

Consisting of prayer, activities and events such as ...

How will we effectively train and develop prayer capability ...